About us


The developing history of Ragmak cannery has started since 2004. Due to the constant dynamic development, today it is one of the leading factories for the production of food, where vegetables, fruit and berry products are produced. One of the fundamental tenets of the factory’s productivity is its natural production - everything is made of ecologically natural raw materials. Surely, such kind of working approach with its professional workers is the guarantee of exquisite results. The reputation of the factory’s products is based on the traditional high quality raw materials and modern technologies, which are harmless to health, and the production is safe for the environment. The company specializes in the production of canned food, which is produced in accordance with the state standards and in accordance with the approved components, using multi-stage quality control at all stages of the production process. The whole variety of the production is presented in the retail and wholesale stores and competes successfully both in domestic and foreign markets. Nowadays the offered assortment consists of more than 70 types of jams, compotes, sauces, pickled vegetables and canned snacks. And it’s not all. The employees and management of the Ragmak cannery work constantly offering its consumers various novelties and they do their best to meet their customers wishes. Even the most demanding consumer would find products to fit their palate. Each product of the Ragmak cannery has its own special taste. The secret lies in the branded, unique recipes which have been stored in the factory for many years. The Ragmak cannery is certified in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 22000:2018.

  • Always fresh
  • Always delicious
  • Always available
Our products will always surprise you with their freshness, and the taste will remind you of the taste of homemade canned food. Our canned food is always prepared from fresh, organic products.